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Conventional wisdom dictates that corporate growth lies in marketing and chasing mandates. For us at Aina Blankson, our People remain our Number One Client and Mandate. While we undoubtedly appreciate the importance of winning fresh mandates, our most important mandate of all is our people as they are the primary Clients, Owners and Leaders of the Firm. To fulfill our vision of being a leading global Law firm with distinctive world class standards, we believe in our people as they represent the heart of the Firm.

In conjunction with the AB Thinking Academy, we ensure the continuous professional development and growth of members of staff of Aina Blankson towards the realization of a fulfilling career. The training and capacity development of AB Academy is structured along the following lines:

• Aina Blankson Leadership Incubation Program (AB-LIP) is focused on training and enhancing the abilities of young and talented individuals with the intellectual capability, passion for leadership and commitment for global impact.

• Aina Blankson Continuous Leadership Program (ABCLP) is tailored to ensure the continuing professional development of Aina Blankson Staff members. It provides high-level training programs to Associates, Partners, Paralegals, and Administrative Staff. The program positions Aina Blankson staff members for continued relevance, excellence in the global market space and making a difference.

With an already defined career structure, you can determine the speed and rate of your career progression within the Firm.


  • It is indeed an interesting and invaluable learning experience. Few months into the program, I can confidently say that being an AB National Service Trainee has showed me how leading global law firms operate, it has taught me how professional lawyers work and interact, what service standards are required by clients, and which projects are handled by the different practices. As an Trainee AB, I am happy to know we are not restricted to a particular practice area. There is always an opportunity to move around if you show significant interest and you have exhibited requisite skills.
    Ifeanyi Nwokolo
  • “The Aina Blankson Incubation Leadership Program has exposed me to the rudiments of the legal profession and presented me with a solid foundation to thrive. During the program, I have actively participated in major and complex transactions handled by the Firm. Also, I was given the opportunity to interface directly with clients. All in all, the Program was a good experience for me as I have improved my writing, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Firm has inspired me to be a better version of myself.”
    Chinelo Ekechukwu
  • AB's impressive range of clients and work, coupled with the professional yet informal nature of the work environment, made an immediate impact on me. From the beginning of the graduate program, I was involved in the highest quality of legal work, providing litigation and general corporate advice. Much of the experience I gained during the graduate program was real 'hands-on'. I have been given a high level of responsibility and the opportunity to work on several high-level transactions and proposals with the senior lawyers, that has meant the work has always been stimulating and rewarding
    Oluwaseyi Bioku
  • Hon. Justice Kayode Eso, CON.
    “About ten years ago, a young lawyer, with great vision, approached some of the topmost men in the country. That young lawyer was exceedingly restless in regard to what could be done to improve our justice system. He saw that the pace of administration of justice in the country was ridiculously too slow and damaging to the economy of the nation. The justice system to be meaningful, he claimed, must be revolutionalized. That young man is Kehinde Aina, a seasoned lawyer, imbued with the spirit of selfless service. He is an asset to the country”.
    Hon. Justice Kayode Eso, CON.
    Former Justice,Supreme Court of Nigeria
  • International Financial Law Review (IFLR)
    “Their knowledge as captured in their contributions on issues regarding the capital market is very sublime, commendable and worthy of note”
    International Financial Law Review (IFLR)
  • Francis O'brien
    “Our interaction this year has added appreciable value to us. The depth of your understanding in the energy sector has made our work in Africa quite pleasurable”.
    Francis O'brien
    International Center for Energy, Washington DC
  • Dr. Uwadiogbu Sonny Ajala, Alternate Chairman
    ”May I register my debt of gratitude to Aina Blankson LP for the profound analysis of issues of law in the newsletter. It is indeed a value-laden and cherished collection. I look forward to subscribing to the newsletter at the earliest opportunity”.
    Dr. Uwadiogbu Sonny Ajala, Alternate Chairman
    Nigerian Bar Association
  • Mark Allegretti, Managing Partner
    “Aina Blankson has proven to be a very strong legal firm, particularly in international transactions which Nova Capital Partners focus on. Their legal team takes a very focused approach to solving issues and they are dedicated to help identify and obtain the best client solutions”
    Mark Allegretti, Managing Partner
    Nova Capital Partners LLC, USA

How to apply

We encourage leadership and creativity, from everyone and at all levels, the new ideas and perspectives shared are valuable to us. To join our existing team of world changers, interested applicants for advertised positions will be required to submit an application online via our website or send a mail directly to indicating the position of interest.

Applications should include a cover letter and an updated resume that clearly indicates a career profile, educational qualifications, work experience, and other requisite achievements. It should also include details of why you have chosen to pursue a career in Aina Blankson, LP.

The cover letter should be addressed to:
Head, Human Capital,
Aina Blankson, LP,
5/7 Ademola Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos.

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