The Firm

Aina Blankson, LP is a leading international law firm continually representing multinational corporations, financial institutions and government entities across the globe. Our industry reputation ensures we remain highly recommended and sought after while also enabling us attract the most talented people to the Firm.

The foundation of our long heritage remains client-focused service delivery as we have evolved into a leading global law firm in Africa. Over the years, Aina Blankson has developed a distinctive reputation for effective coordination of local and cross border transactions. We aim to help clients achieve their business objectives efficiently while minimizing the legal and regulatory risks.


Business Principles

In all we do, we act with integrity, competence, diligence and respect and uphold the fundamental principles of professional ethics in our relationship with internal and external clients.

We exercise care and professional judgement in all that we do.

At all times, Aina Blankson strives to exceed client expectation and to consistently attain these standards, we accord all clients with their Bill of Rights as well as expect mutual cordial relationships as expanded in our Clients’ Responsibilities.


Our Imaginative Thinking credo is built into the fabric of the Firm and drives our service delivery as we constantly challenge ourselves to provide innovative ways of addressing complex legal challenges.